Euroconsulting offers to its clients tailored services analyzing their needs and goals.

Company’s core business: Definition of national law for State aids.

Euroconsulting is specialized in the drafting of national rules on State aids in agriculture: we are one of the leader companies in the sector thanks to our 20 years focused experience achieved mainly by working for the Italian Ministry of Agriculture and Italian Permanent Representation to the EU (12 years) and Italian regional governments and other public entities.
Our experts can offer a support from A to Z on this sector.

Moreover, we provide a complete support for legal interpretation of EU rules, for monitoring and information services in manifold sectors through a wide range of services:

Technical and legal advice

  • For the implementation of EU rules at national level in the field of agriculture, competition and regional policies, fishery, food and feed security and safety and other related sectors
  • On analysis and interpretation of EU law on CAP (Common Agricultural Policy), with special focus on Rural Development and competition rules
  • to assure the compliance of national and regional laws with EU competition rules focusing on the agricultural, forestry and fisheries sectors

Rural Development

  • Technical support in drafting and setting up aid schemes within Rural Development Programs
  • supporting national and regional authorities in the negotiation phase with the European Commission for approval and modifications on RDPs

Other services:

Information services

  • Monitoring of the activities carried out at EU level (by EU Institutions, main stakeholders, etc.) in the agricultural and connected policies (e.g.: energy, environment, trade, food security and food safety)
  • Daily and weekly news about discussions at EU level on CAP and other connected policies
  • In-depth analysis and definition of special papers on policy developments, legislative acts etc.

Lobbying and networking

  • Daily contacts with the EU Institutions
  • Promotion of the clients’ issues face to the EU Institutions (mainly EC and EP)
  • Support for handling amendments, position papers to EP, EU or through stakeholders’ networks
  • Support to clients for entering in EU relevant networks

Participation in tenders issued from EU institutions

  • monitoring of Institutional websites/publications for our clients’ needs
  • Technical support from the partnership building to the approval of the project

Organization of events

On behalf of public and private companies, Euroconsulting provides assistance in organizing events, workshops, conferences at European and national level, aiming at addressing issues of common interest involving high representatives of European institutions, Member States and/or Regions, and stakeholders.


Euroconsulting provides trainings on topics related to agriculture, rural development, forestry, State aid and other agriculture-linked EU policies.
Counting also on its consolidated relations with the European Commission and other Brussels-based institutions, Euroconsulting assures high level speakers/teachers for its training courses.

Registration of companies’ address:

Euroconsulting offers the possibility of domicile in their offices in Brussels, with the following services:

  • Secretariat
  • Videoconferencing
  • Use of technical equipment, with the possibility of private telephone line